openheart mantage 2013 webWelcome to Opengate. Our name reflects our belief that for all of us, whoever we are, the door to God is wide open. It’s an open gate to God’s love, to relationship with Him and with one another. The door is open to our communities and our world: all of God’s creation and all of His children.

An open gate is only useful if people pass through it. We would be very happy if you would like to join us in a time of worship at one of our services, or at one of the many other activities and gatherings that take place through the week. But the direction of travel through this open gate is both ways: our heart is not to remain cooped up inside a building, but to go out into our town – and further still, to the nations – to wherever God is leading us.

To this end we seek to build relationships with churches and believers across the UK and throughout the world. We want to grow in fellowship, to share resources and vision, to equip and build up one another. One way of doing this is through OpenHeart, a celebration of arts and ministry that occurs several times each year, both in Bognor and in the churches we network with around Europe.

It is our belief and desire that we all should find the particular role and vision that God is marking out for us: to each ‘get in our grow-bag’ as someone is fond of saying! We pray that as we journey together, we will encourage one another to live in the fullness of life that Jesus reveals to us.