life hope

We’re all about Jesus.

At Opengate we believe that real Life, the Life that is actually worth living, the Life that starts now and goes on forever… is only found in Jesus.

We have no confidence in religion: the rules, rituals, routines and regulations by which people try to save themselves, get right with God, find enlightenment, peace, wholeness or whatever. Our confidence and our hope are in Christ alone.

The explosive, scandalous, good news is that God loved the world so much that he became a man, to show human beings what God is really like and what life is really about. By dying on a cross he paid for all of our mistakes and made it possible for all the brokenness in ourselves and in our world to be made whole. By rising again from the dead he gives us hope of a new creation bursting out in the middle of this one; a renewed humanity in partnership with His Spirit, unleashed with love upon an unsuspecting world!

Join us for the adventure.