We believe that to achieve our vision we must act in partnership with other Churches in Bognor and across the world. We are part of a close walk with other churches in this town and with other towns and cities across the world. Our leaders regularly meet with the leaders of some of the other churches in Bognor. Many of the events that we are involved in, in and around the town, are joint initiatives between some or all of these Churches. We have a strong ‘family’ focus as a local church reaching out to the community here in Bognor, but we have a real vision and commitment to world mission too which has grown out of many prophecies and words that have been spoken over the Church.

Teams regularly visit other places. However, we are keenly aware that people who are called to stay in Bognor have an equal part to play in our vision as those who are called to go. Picture Bognor Regis seashore with the waves ebbing and flowing over the shingle. As the waves come in they saturate the shingle and as they go out they begin to take some pebbles with them. However, the shingle stays constant providing stability on the shore. All the comings and goings from Opengate are like the waves on the shore People go out to the nations and come back from the nations: a constant ebb and flow of life. When people return they share what they have experienced with everyone back at home so that all can “get wet”.

‘The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and evermore’ Deut 28:6